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Quintessential Duo

Working together since 2004, Cisca and Kristi specialize in Matthews Beach and surrounding neighborhoods. Their complementary styles work to their client’s advantage. With 35 years of combined experience, this team has successfully navigated the nuances of every market. Cisca and Kristi are flexible, genuine and truly enjoy helping clients achieve their goals.

With their intimate knowledge of the area, they are pros at promoting homes for sellers in the neighborhood. Buyers appreciate the enthusiastic way in which the Beach Team helps them become more acquainted with the Matthews Beach lifestyle. Cisca and Kristi are well networked with local brokers and know the Matthews Beach area past and present housing inventory.

They understand the subtleties and nuances of the streets and locations.

Promoting Your Property

Buyers and neighbors enjoy visiting the vibrant Open Houses hosted by the Beach Team, where there is often engaging discussion about topics such as schools and community character. These well attended gatherings create an inviting environment as well as a buzz for the listed property.

Open Houses hosted by this duo often turn into neighborhood parties!

Capturing the Matthews Beach Lifestyle

An oasis in the city, this highly educated community is nestled in the trees along the shores of Lake Washington. Enjoy natural beauty, walk to the park, swim in the lake, bike the Burke Gilman trail.
All of this and easy access to commutes in all directions. Capture the Matthews Beach Lifestyle!

Inverness, Wedgwood, Meadowbrook, Cedar Park, View Ridge.

We can help you find the perfect home!